Guardian weekly checkouts

"Adjust the existing Axure flows for the Print Checkouts to create the Guardian Weekly checkout flow."

Taking the existing Print Checkout design

This project involved taking an existing Print checkout flow from the other UX designer and adapting it in line with the journey that users would go on for the Guardian Weekly checkout.

Working with the team

This project required me to work closely with the other UX designer, and the development team to ensure that I had all of the right information to put into the flow at the right moments.

Delivering the prototype

To deliver the prototype I created both desktop and mobile versions and used Trello to communicate with the team. The marketing team were really happy with us using Axure and having the prototype to clearly understand how the checkout flow would work.

It meant they could understand clearly how and where the copy would be placed. I also used the Marketing team to help create copy to help users understand aspects of the checkout process, and their advice was really valuable.