ustwo - leading the transactional/sign in & registration experience for a luxury brand

"Lead the MVP design of the sign in/registration UX and UI for a luxury brand."
I was brought in to this project to help get structure around a sign in and registration, transactional flow for a luxury brand. They wanted me to use the knowledge that I had gained at The Guardian to work on an MVP for the brand. 

The client wasn’t ready to conduct research/testing at this point, so we used the insight they had already generated, as well as best practice design methods to create the MVP of the journey.
Rosie Lidington
Mapping out the experience in Figma for a general user to create an account or sign in

Our focus for the MVP was around a general user creating an account. We identified many different user types and scenarios, but wanted to focus on this core user journey initially.

I documented the current experience for a user going through the transactional experience on the existing site.
Rosie Lidington
Understanding the key hypothesis of problems identified

Before I arrived the team had identified a set of hypothesis by going through the experience and suggesting best practice improvements.

As the client wasn’t ready to conduct user research, testing or analysis, the hypotheses were identified but not proven. We used best practice knowledge and best practice product design to solve key problems that had been defined. 

However, more work was needed to understand the problems correctly and gain insight around the user base. It wasn’t possible for us to generate the knowledge we needed about the most important problems to solve.
Rosie Lidington
Working with the UI designer - mapping out a basic wireframe journey in Figma

I worked closely with the UI designer to map out the basic steps of the journey in wireframes. This allowed us to get a really good overview of the journey agreed as soon as possible.
Rosie Lidington
Creating complex prototypes in Axure & mapping complex flows

This journey involved hugely complex form completion. I felt it wasn’t possible to understand the interactions and steps in the journey without creating the prototypes in Axure.

Using Axure allowed me to visualise all of the actual steps in the journey, creating form fields, dynamic panels, password entry, cases to communicate to the team all of the different interactive elements required to get the user through the process.

This involved working very closely with the UI designer to understand what would be possible, and working out how the UI designer would create the final UI components.
Rosie Lidington
Developing a copy strategy & copy sign off

It was hard for the client and team to get good visibility of the copy across the journey, so I put it into an Excel document, which would be easily accessible.

This allowed me to highlight the key areas where I needed sign off, and also get a good understanding of the story through the flow.

I also created sections for the country list, telephone numbers, and date picker to be clear about how we would structure and lay out the copy on these components.
Rosie Lidington
Working with the product team

I worked with the product/development team in an Agile way, on two week sprints.

We worked very closely together to solve problems as we went on, and to understand what might be possible on each part of the journey.
Rosie Lidington
Supporting the UI designer on the final designs and design system elements

I had a really great relationship with the UI designer on this project. She was incredibly talented, and we worked on solving problems for the components together.
Rosie Lidington
Increase in engagement and registrations since re-design

One year after releasing the new reigstration and sign in flows I was sent some analytic data about the performance of the new designs and it showed a significant increase in registrations and engagement.
Rosie Lidington
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